We all want to consume easy-to-read content that loads fast, usually on our mobile devices. That is why features like Instagram Stories and Web Stories continue to become a standard in the web, offering fast-loading and easy-to-navigate narratives and immersive experiences to get information and answers.

What are web stories?

Web Stories are full-screen mobile experiences that immerse your users into visual narratives, with engaging animations and tappable interactions. Similar to Instagram and Facebook Stories, AMP Stories follow the Story Format where you tap-through and read tips, news, or any information fast and easily.



As an web stories designer and strategist, I create visualizing engaging compositions to inform, entertain, and educate users on a variety of topics and industries.


Because AMP Stories are part of Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, they are designed to load fast

Mobile First

Web Stories are mobile-first; however, with some code, you can also optimize them for desktop.

Flexible & Engaging

Stories can be shared and embedded, on websites and apps, without being limited to a single ecosystem.

Why use Web Stories?

By exploring and creating AMP Stories, you'd rise above your competitors, increase engagement, and even monetize your content. With AMP Stories, you own the content and could obtain positive SEO benefits since Google has space for them in the search results.