Visual Stories

By now, if you use social media platforms like Instagram you are aware of a function called ‘Stories.’ You can capture and share things at the moment and continuously document as they happen. On some channels, stories stay accessible to others for about a day, and then they disappear. Nowadays this format is evolving and becoming a standard for sharing content.

What is the ‘Stories’ format?

Stories are vertical, ephemeral slideshows made of a mix of photos, videos, fonts, and more optimized for mobile devices. While ordinary users create Stories to capture their every day, other content creators use this format to educate, inform, entertain, or advertise to users. Since this format surfaced online, it has been adopted by many social media channels, and it’s becoming a standard on the open web with things like AMP Stories.

Who is Using the Stories Format?

Snapchat & Other Stories

Since Snapchat pioneered this multimedia format, social media channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp have also adopted it.

Google AMP Stories

AMP Stories allows any website in the open web to deliver mobile-focused information, fast and reliably, through this visual storytelling format. AMP Stories is a Google AMP Project.

AMP Stories Example

Instagram Stories

Instagram implemented this format shortly after Snapchat in 2016. Since then, about 500 million people use Instagram Stories daily.

I design strategic Stories to promote events, products, concepts, updates and to share visually-engaging informative content either for myself or other blogs and brands.