Nannies: the Series, the Pilot and the Kickstarter

Nannies: the Series, the Pilot and the Kickstarter

What did you think of the pilot? Hilarious, right? I have been meaning to make this post since the Pilot Premier and Kickstarter Launch Extravaganza in NYC a couple of weeks ago. Nannies is a new comedy series brought to you by a group of very talented creatives including Eric Folks, Marie Claire Roussel, Mariette Strauss and Alex J Gould. The series, penned by Sean Murphy, is about a group of nannies tending to the spawn of New York City’s elite. These nannies, while sitting on a park bench, take us on a ride full of food allergies, destructive kids and under-appreciation.

I have been able to be part of this projects thanks to Dolan Bloom, Nannies’ director. I’ve had a lot of fun creating most of the branding and the logo for Nannies AND I would love to keep doing it! I believe this project has so much potential, and I would love to continue helping create such a quirky and entertaining show. The goal is, by the end of May, to raise $20,000 dolllars (or more!) to make 6 episodes this summer (and more in the future!)

In order to create the quality show that we desire, we must take care of some expenses like film production and post-production and many other obvious and insidious costs. The whole team and cast would really appreciate your help. If you don’t believe me, watch this:

Any gesture helps! If you liked the pilot, share it with your family and friends. You can also follow Nannies on Facebook.

We are so close to reaching our goal! Check out the Kickstarter page: