Instagram Poll Sticker

Instagram Polling Sticker, Alignment and Eyedropper

I love when these things happen because I honestly get very excited. Changes on Instagram make a big impact on the type of information I share on my stories, including my art and my silly videos. Most importantly, these type of features are the ones that can help you be successful on social media. What am I talking about? Today Instagram released a polling sticker that allows you to ask questions and get feedback from your community. They also made improvements to the drawing tools user experience and gave us new creative tools like a color eyedropper and alignment.

YES! Alignment and a color eyedropper. To me, as a designer, that is major. Of course, I also care about a better experience.

So, how does all of this work?

How do I add an Instagram Polling Sticker?

To use the Instagram story poll feature:

  1. Create a story: a photo, video, boomerang, etc.
  2. Tap “Add a Sticker”
  3. Tap “Poll”
  4. Add a question
  5. Personalize your answer
  6. Tap “Done” and your Instagram polling sticker will be added to your story!

If you are more of a visual person, here are some screenshots:

Instagram Poll Sticker Selection
After you created your masterpiece, tap the icon to add a sticker and tap Poll.

Instagram Poll Sticker
Personalize your question and answers, tap add and voalá!


How do I use the Instagram Stories Eyedropper?

Now you can select any color from your photo or video and apply it to your text or drawing tool.

  1. First, take a photo or a video.
  2. Select a color for your text or drawing tool
  3. Tap and drag the eyedropper tool (located at the bottom left of the screen)
  4. Select the color that you want!

Here is an example:

Instagram Story Eyedropper

Instagram Story Color Eyedropper


How do I align things on Instagram Stories?

  1. Select and drag your sticker or text
  2. If you drag it towards the middle, both rulers will appear.
  3. If you drag it to the sides, side rulers will appear.

NOTE: Instagram says that this is only on iOS 🙃

Instagram Story Alignment Feature
Instagram Story Alignment Feature

Overall, like I said, I am up with features that allow us to interact with our communities. You not only can use a hashtag sticker to promote your post and add a location sticker to attract people to your business, but also you can use the Instagram polling sticker to get feedback and engagement. Let me know in the comments how you are planning to use this feature and what other features you would like to have on Instagram.

Oh, if you were wondering, my community responded to
my Instagram polling and they prefer…

Instagram Poll Results

(this screenshot was taking very fast, some of them like babies 😉)