The PAndemic, Mental Health, and #BuildingProudlyūüĆą

It's been a while since I last poured my thoughts into this blog, and oh my, so much has happened since then! Let me catch you up on all the fabulousness that's been going on in my life.

First, can we appreciate the stunning design of my website? It's a true reflection of my vibrant and colorful spirit. But amidst all the glitz and glamour, a nagging uncertainty lurks in the back of my mind. Who am I? What is my purpose? Thankfully, time and reflection have brought me some much-needed clarity.

The pandemic hit us hard, and it was undoubtedly a challenging time. But as the years passed and I embraced the nomadic life I led, something beautiful started to unfold. I realized that taking care of my mental health played a crucial role in understanding my true worth and the unique contributions I can make to the world.

Once upon a time, I was consumed by my passion for social media UI, content marketing, and doubt. I dabbled in writing about Instagram aesthetics and font trends. But now, my focus has shifted to something much bigger and more exciting. I am in the process of building my very own social media network - the Dragverse!

Yes, you heard it right, my darlings. It's your social network too. As a community, we are creating a platform that celebrates the art of drag and empowers drag artists and their communities. It's all about building digital experiences that resonate with our fabulous selves. We are redefining social media, promoting inclusivity, diversity, and creativity. And let me tell you; it's a thrilling journey!

But that's not all. I have something else to share with you. You can see my film, "EVERYONE IS HURTING," at the Dragverse or jump on my Decentraland world for a unique perspective. It's a virtual world where we can come together, celebrate our individuality, and amplify the voices of the LGBTQ+ community. It's a proud moment for me, and I can't wait to share this powerful film with all of you.

And, of course, let's remember that we are celebrating Pride every day! It's a time to embrace love, acceptance, and the vibrant spectrum of identities that make our community beautiful. Join me as we spread joy, unity, and the unapologetic spirit of drag #BuildingProudlyūüĆą

I will continue bringing more thoughts here, help onboard more creator builders, and follow my passions. Innovation and building are exciting and help us redefine outdated social systems that left us tired of understanding algorithms, isolated us, and left us alone with our ego in silence. Not anymore; now we come together, celebrate, dance, and more.