Boots on the Ground: Uniting, Innovating, and BUIDLing at ETHDenver 2024

Reflecting on my journey post-ETHDenver 2024, I'm more driven than ever to leverage our collective creativity, experience, and technology to carve out new paths. The call for unity, innovation, and proactive action is clear and urgent.

Finishing my SheFi Season 10 classes and vibing to Ariana Grande's "yes, and?" I'm inspired to utilize our tools creatively and collaboratively. Amidst challenges, my work with saltï and Dragverse has highlighted the immense value of community and creativity in revolutionizing social media and devising new monetization models for our art.

Attending the SheFi summit was a deeply inspiring experience. It made me feel safe and affirmed as a non-binary creator and founder, surrounded by people who genuinely support my success. The connections I made there, from enjoying my Twitter Spaces Show "MANUELITA" to meeting other queer leaders and a favorite writer, were invaluable.

Returning to Denver was more than just a reunion; it was an opportunity to connect with like-minded projects, solidify our roadmap, and begin its activation. We didn’t participate in the hackathon this year, instead using the time for team building and strategizing for Dragverse and other collaborations with communities like, Metaqueens, and Crypto Musica Records.

The December 2024 Founder Forecast from CoinFund, coupled with insights from leaders like Sandy Carter of Untoppable, boosts my optimism. Their positive stance on the demand for marketing and content expertise in web3 gives me confidence in my ability to contribute meaningfully to this sector.

As Dragverse evolves, my experiences in Denver have reinforced my mission to build a sustainable platform for creators. Blending my artistic flair with newfound technical skills, gained through collaboration with other web3 initiatives, I am poised to make significant contributions.

My goal is to continue producing resources, collaborating with the Dragverse community to build our base platform, and work with other projects to gather data, bring information, entertainment, and learnings from our activities. I am concentrating on building documentation, creating content to share our roadmap and activities, and gathering the community as I support the building of the platforms for other artists and creators.

In these uncertain times, my focus is to create a safe haven for myself, my community, and my loved ones. I'm ready to deliver value confidently, harnessing our tools, skills, and intrinsic human worth to forge a brighter, collective future.