Hi! I am Leo Martinez the designer, strategist, and marketer. Even though I like acting, I am not Leo Martinez the Filipino actor.

Leo Martinez & The Tale of Time


Around this time I was going to college for Advertising and working at my first official job at Atento. By being part of the first team to work at the Outgoing Call Center for the Electric Company, I learned about phone etiquette and work-ethic.


By this year my life had changed completely. I had done my Up With People semester and also had a job as an English and Spanish Teacher.  I learned about leadership, teaching and community impact.


Hello, London! At this point in time, I was going to Hult Business School in London, working a part-time job, and also started my first internship in the fashion industry… all at once. I learned about time management, hard work, and attention to detail during this period


No llores por mi, Argentina! Around this time I had to say goodbye to Argentina where I had my start-up experience and say hello to the USA. During this period of my life, I was learning about adaptability and patience.


My adventures in upstate New York start. Around this time I already had a few years working with graphic design, branding, and social media marketing. This is the moment I start getting into SEO, strategy, and digital marketing at Outspoken Media.


After my journey as a Visual Communications Manager at Outspoken Media, my career path took me to 2U‘s amazing Marketing Team, where I became part of the Creative Team as a Graphic Design Manager.


BA in Communications
London, UK


English (Full Proficiency)

Spanish (Full Proficiency)

Current Location

Troy, New York


Leo Martinez & The Cultural Values


Helping the Community

From collecting donations for the LGBTQ+ Community, to or helping out a local family, I like giving back and helping out others wherever I can.

plane going around the globe


I value exposure to multiculturalism. Living in many different countries, and working with people from different cultures have shaped the professional I am today.

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Staying Current

I like to stay current on tools and techniques, and I am always looking for ways to improve my skills. I keep up with Product Hunt my Refind feed every single day.