4 Things to remember when expressing yourself in your second language

Mira, Beyoncé wasn't built in a day.

4 Things to remember when expressing yourself in your second language

I originally posted this on my Tumblr, but I figured I would share it here.

Should I say it? Should I post it? Maybe I shouldn’t. Does it sound odd? Let me read it again. Those are common (and terrifying) situations that we go through when sharing our thoughts in your second language. Trust me, I kind of feel that way right now writing this post.

The truth is, we can’t be so hard on ourselves. Yeah, you probably heard that before, a lot (at least I did). They are right thou. It’s not easy to just be confident and go for it. I figured I could share with you 4 things I tell myself every day:

Beyoncé wasn’t built in a day.

Whatever and whomever you want to be is going to take work, practice and courage. Just by voicing your thoughts today you are doing something good. You may make some mistakes, but you will learn from them and be awesome, like Beyoncé.

You are not alone: you have the Internet.

You can use tools like Grammarly or Microsoft Word to review and check what you wrote. It’s important to avoid writing it in your first language. You can also use the Google Translate App if you need to translate a word or two while having a conversation.

Be critical, but don’t sabotage yourself.

It’s great to be aware of the fact that you may misspell something or word it wrong, and you want to avoid it. Just don’t use that fear of making a mistake as an excuse not to talk.

Embrace it and forget the haters!

If you do make a mistake, admit it, fix it, and move on. There will be people that -nicely- will let you know. Be grateful for that feedback, that’s what you need. Be thankful for the feedback that haters give you too, just don’t let the hate get to you.

Remember: Beyoncé.

PD: I want to dedicate this post to a very special teacher and friend Sari Mathes. Thank you for wise words and for believing in me.