IDENTITY: Joining Electric City Couture, Styling the Promo Photos, and the Fashion Show.

Recently I joined Electric City Couture for the 2017 Promo Shoot IDENTITY, in anticipation of the Fashion Show happening this July. We shot this photos at the New York State Museum, same place where the runway fashion show is going to be hosted at. I have to say that this was a great experience, every single person that participated was a pleasure to work with. As the kids say these days, ‘it has been a minute’ since I have been part of a project like this. It was totally energizing, and I feel so inspired to reconnect with my styling roots.

This shoot was aimed to explore gender and to encourage and highlight the unique expression of personal and regional identity, all while promoting NY State designers. We also wanted to highlight the history and the architecture of the state of NY. The staff at the New York State Museum was so friendly and accommodating, making the shoot an enjoyable and smooth experience.

Photo Credit:

The team included Corey Aldrich (Project Leader and Creative Director), Sarah Pezdek (Photographer), Doria Riker (Make-up Artist), Molly Tremante (Hairstylist). The designers showcased on this shoot are PopImpressKA (Model: Janesha Levons), Adam Van Buren (Model: Sybil Service / Adam did his own hair, make up & styling), Marjolaine Arsnault for Marjolaine’s Touch (Model: Vivica Vee) and Meg Kluball (Model: Breezy Walrath).


Here is more information:

  1. The IDENTITY Runway Fashion Show is going to be on July 8th at 8:00 PM at the New York State Museum in Albany, NY.  You can get your tickets here.
  2.  See more photos from the 2017 IDENTITY Shoot or some behind-the-scenes snaps here.
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