Hi, I’m Leo Martinez. I strategize, design, and optimize creative content to engage, educate, or inform users while achieving specific digital marketing [business] objectives and goals.
Creative Strategy
I first define how the visuals elements are going to meet the marketing objectives while offering the users what they want or need.
Visual Design
Creative content can take the form an infographic, a shareable image, an Instagram story, or a visual that you could see on a Google answer box.
Digital Marketing
All files must be well optimized for search engines, and in most cases can be repurposed for social media and email marketing campagins.


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Constellation Energy

Constellation Energy

School Of Rock

Nannies Series Logo

Nannies Series

Leo Martinez Business Cards

Personal Brand

Icon Design for Maxscholar

Logo and Icon Design

for Maxscholar
Mobile UI Design for Maxscholar


I come from a family of educators, entrepreneurs, and artists. Generally, I like connecting with people and building relationships. If I possess a skill, I enjoy guiding and training others.  Though, I also enjoy alone time to create art, write for my 3 Little Things blog, and style at photoshoot and sets. I am a proud American-Venezuelan that speaks both English and Spanish and would love to one day travel to Sweden.

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