Leo Martinez Davis

a.k.a. saltï

Content Marketer, Digital Experiences Builder & Drag Entertainer.

Welcome to the fusion of creativity and digital innovation! I'm Leonardo, or saltï on the internet drag world. At the helm of Dragverse, I champion inclusivity and cutting-edge digital experiences. Beyond drag, my expertise spans strategic content marketing and advocating for ethical tech use. Join me in shaping a digital landscape that's vibrant, inclusive, and empowering for all.

MEntal HEalth action on decentraland

I celebrated #MentalHealthAction with MTV and the TRU Band Room. My film EVERYONE IS HURTING was livestreamed and is now available on the Dragverse App to raise awareness about mental health issues.

WE CELEBRATED PRIDE 2023 digitally

You can find out how this amazing digital experience was developed and see saltï celebrating on top of The Voice Pride float.

What are Digital Experiences?

Memorable branded moments - Brands can build immersive and meaningful branded moments that attendees actively engage with and remember more than passive advertising.

Visit saltï's Decentraland World

A world full of drag power, Latin flavor, music, comedy, and more! Get a look into what it means to be a digital drag icon and #BuildingProudly🌈

Visit the Dragverse Decentraland World

Come check out our community space where we hang out, watch content, dance, and more! Check out the TRU Bandroom, the Vroomway, and our friends at Choice!


BrandStorytelling: Brand Film Certified

Certification Powered by ETSU

Thanks to BrandFilm, and the East Tennessee State University, I have a deeper understanding of the core aspects of brand-funded entertainment and how brands achieve their marketing and branding goals by elevating and telling authentic stories through film and storytelling.

Crafting Immersive & memorable Brand Moments

I design immersive digital experiences and memorable brand moments in digital spaces like Decentraland and Spatial. I create a seamless blend between physical events and augmented reality, producing tailor-made branded content for metaverse environments. I help brands expand reach and boost resonance in digital and metaverse communities. Fans become integral players in the experience, and I measure performance and engagement for continual optimization.

Embracing the New Digital Ecosystem

Brands Need to Adapt to New Online Ecosystem and Digital Spaces

Utilizing my expertise in design and marketing, I create compelling digital narratives, leveraging AR and blockchain technologies to captivate and engage audiences.

Building and Nurturing Communities

Brands Need to Care and Build a Community

I guide brands in fostering strong, engaged communities, crafting tailor-made digital experiences that resonate deeply with their unique audience demographics.

Creating Meaningful Interactions

Reward Your Community and Build Something Meaningful

By blending the physical with the digital, I develop seamless, interactive experiences that not only elevate brand presence but also enrich audience interaction and loyalty.

Producing content has been my thing since I am a kid. I have produced shows, performances, writings, videos, and photo shoots in my bedroom and on paramount stages worldwide. Now I can merge it with my artistry, technical skills, and diverse experience.


Organic, intentional, and authentic Content Marketing is the future.

Content that isn't afraid to connect with an audience authentically is the content that will win. This content could use comedy, touch on a complex subject, or discuss on the brand's past, yet be successful when done well.

Content Marketing should deliver on user delight with its experience.

This content needs to be relatable, entertaining, informative, visually engaging, and meet the user where they are. That might be Lens, TikTok, Instagram, a newsletter, or even the metaverse 🚀.

Brands should empower Content Creators to do what they do best.

Nowadays, Content Creators have something that is key to brands: access to a community. Brands must build genuine relationships with creators, empower their creative skills, and find natural ways to connect with their community.


Technology and Innovation

I believe in the web3 and blockchain technologies' potential to empower Content Creators to own their content, join the creative economy, and build solid relationships and opportunities with brands.

Advocacy and Representation

I believe that we can do a lot of good with content marketing and storytelling. The audience that a brand is trying to reach most likely wants to be confident the brand understands their needs and motivators, that they are being heard, and that they are genuinely represented in their marketing.

Education and Entertainment

With my content, I want to always advocate for the LGBTQAI+ Youth, particularly the Latine/x/o community and women. Use every opportunity I have to break stereotypes, bust misinformation, and show that we are a thriving, happy community with much potential! Even if that means being a drag queen on camera!

Let's connect!

Together, we'll navigate the ever-changing online and digital space, meet market needs and expectations, and understand the vibrant online culture.

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