Leo Martinez Davis

content marketing

Creative Content Marketer, Strategist, and Visual Designer.

I use visual design, content creation, and entertainment to deliver brand messaging, build authentic communities, and achieve strategic marketing goals. I use concepts, pictures, graphics, and data to drive emotion, engage with different audiences, and guide them to take action. I have produced, directed, and overseen various projects throughout my career to educate, inform, and convert audiences.


BrandStorytelling: Brand Film Certified

Certification Powered by ETSU

Thanks to BrandFilm, and the East Tennessee State University, I have a deeper understanding of the core aspects of brand-funded entertainment and how brands achieve their marketing and branding goals by elevating and telling authentic stories through film and storytelling.


Technologies are growing faster than ever, giving users more access to information, making them savvier, overwhelmed, and pickier about their content. That’s not all; users are getting more concerned about their safety (online and offline), the moral alignment between the brands they invest in and can smell unauthentic disruptive advertising from a mile away.

Brands recognize that organic and genuine marketing strategies need to be part of their overall marketing plans. I come in by creating branded content under my social media and web3 channels or by collaborating with marketers, developers, designers, writers, and business leaders to craft strategies that connect them with their audience more authentically and organically.

Here are some of the questions that everyone in the space is asking themselves:


What type of content is your audience consuming and interacting with? How could you diversify your current content plans? What kind of content creators is talking about your industry? How are other brands innovating? What type of entertainment would resonate with your audience? How will this content age?


What is the best format (video, resources, etc.)? Is your audience looking for real stories in a documentary structure? Are they looking for comedy or content that might use fiction but is relatable? Is it better to self-produce, or is it the best approach to work with a Content Creator?


How do branded entertainment and organic content marketing fit into the bigger plan and goals? What channels are the most appropriate for this content? Is there a clear expectation from content creators or the production company? Are there additional ways to amplify the reach of this content?

What sets me apart from other content specialists is my diverse marketing experience, design-first and user-first approach to content, and ability to identify how newer generations utilize social media and more recent technologies to consume and interact with this content.


Organic, intentional, and authentic Content Marketing is the future.

Content that isn’t afraid to connect with an audience authentically is the content that will win. This content could use comedy, touch on a complex subject, or discuss on the brand’s past, yet be successful when done well.

Content Marketing should deliver on user delight with its experience.

This content needs to be relatable, entertaining, informative, visually engaging, and meet the user where they are. That might be TikTok, Twitter, a newsletter, or even the metaverse šŸš€.

Brands should empower Content Creators to do what they do best.

Nowadays, Content Creators have something that is key to brands: access to a community. Brands must build genuine relationships with creators, empower their creative skills, and find natural ways to connect with their community.


Technology and Innovation

I believe in the web3 and blockchain technologies’ potential to empower Content Creators to own their content, join the creative economy, and build solid relationships and opportunities with brands.

Advocacy and Representation

I believe that we can do a lot of good with content marketing and storytelling. The audience that a brand is trying to reach most likely wants to be confident the brand understands their needs and motivators, that they are being heard, and that they are genuinely represented in their marketing.

Education and Entertainment

With my content, I want to always advocate for the LGBTQAI+ Youth, particularly the Latine/x/o community and women. Use every opportunity I have to break stereotypes, bust misinformation, and show that we are a thriving, happy community with much potential! Even if that means being a drag queen on camera!

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